Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Development of Positive ATTITUDE

You attitude defines your altitude. (Anonymous)
1- What is attitude?
Attitude means the way we look at life in general.
Do we look at life as something to live and enjoy or some punishment, which has to be borne till death liberates us from the bondage?

2- Different persons have different attitudes and therefore two different persons may look at the same thing in a bright or a dull way.A person who fails in an exam may despair and give up further studies while some people even think of committing suicide and we may read about such cases in the news paper. But another person may take up his mind to try again with extra effort and with a determination to do better and succeed.

3- Let us see how interestingly attitude comes out with flying colors when various keys to success are examined.
     Let us give numbers to the letters of the alphabet.
     A is1, B is 2, C is 3 and so on till you come to Z which is 26.
     Now lets examine together what values various keys to success get by this method:

  •   Ambition : 1+13+2+9+20+9+15+14  = 83
  •   Ability     : 1+2+9+14+9+20+25        = 80
  •   Attitude  : 1+20+20+9+20+21+4+5 = 100
We can conclude from above method that Attitude is the most important and required 100% for development of an individual.

4- Consider other aspects which people may consider useful in achieving success .
  • Money (72)
  • Luck(47)
  • Work(67)
Now try to find out the marks for 'KNOWLEDGE' you will be surprised to know that even knowledge falls short by three points.

5- Crucial Moment : If I am going to appear for an exam, I can imagine that I will succeed and be happy or I can worry about failing as many of us often do. My imagination that I am going to fail badly and worrying about it will disturb my mind and let me down at the crucial moment. On the other hand, if I go on imagining success, then my mind will be in better frame and I will be able to do better.

6- Is attitude something that can be cultivated or developed by us?
Are there methods by which we can develop a healthy, bright & positive attitude towards life and its various aspects?
Attitude is not something, which some other person can give us.Others can only guide us and show what the good attitude could be but we have to develop it ourselves through conscious effort.

Now as we have understood the role of Positive attitude in ones successful life lets see how to develop a positive attitude.

How to develop a positive ATTITUDE :
  • Always look for the positive aspects of things. A glass is filled with water upto middle level. What shall we say? "We must make a conscious effort, always try to see the brighter aspect of all events that take place. The glass is half full or half empty."
  • We must learn to count our blessings and not troubles. When something unpleasant happens just try to think of many happy things that have happened to you. If we feel dull about our job or salary, then think about the larger number of people with lower salary or not job at all.
  • We must always remember that we are what we want to be and what we can do about ourselves. We should learn not only to appreciate and praise others but also accept praise and comments gracefully. Humility is a Virtue, but it does not require us to unnecessarily underestimate ourselves.
  • We must learn to keep negative influences away. There are people who are pessimistic, always criticize and never do things to improve anything. We must try to cultivate the friendship of happy, cheerful and positive minded people who spread happiness and good cheers.
  • Life is full of happy and sad events. If a sad event takes place and we go on brooding about it, it will do no good to any one as nothing can be changed which has already taken place. So we must learn to remember the happy things that have happened to us and to forget sad unpleasant ones.
So let us resolve to start each day with a positive thought and positive attitude.


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