Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Rules for love

Rules for love

# Never allow your partner or yourself to denigrate the other.

# You must have personal respect and consideration for yourself.

# Everyone deserves respect and love, but you can't expect to get it unless you give it.

# If you allow your partner to disparage you, expect to hear other damaging words.

# Whatever you are willing to accept is exactly what you're going to get.

# Be compassionate, understanding, forgiving and merciful.

# Patience, kindness, consideration and thoughtfulness can never be in short demand.

# Never let a person use names or words to hurt or degrade you or your partner.

# Vow to protect yourself from thoughtless, rude, mean or punishing behavior.

# If destructive words are being used, for whatever the reason, it must Stop. If not, a relationship can't survive.

# Once you've reacted you can then be proactive.

# A controlled mouth shows a controlled mind.

# Use words for empowerment, encouragement and positive recognition.

# Ask for respect. Quietly demand it.

# If your lover, partner, parent or friend can't exhibit self control over their mouth, seriously consider looking elsewhere for a relationship.

# Pick an appropriate the time to discuss important issues.

# This is particularly true if there is an emotional charge where feelings of anger or vexation need to be vented.

# Never enter into discussion of personal, private or intimate issues in public.

# Wait until you have privacy and the time to tackle issues.

# If a person makes a mistake, or does something that disappoints or angers you, belittlement or badmouthing them in front of others will only lead to further resentment, anger and frustration.

# Trying to discuss things in bed just before sleep, or while getting ready for bed is simply thoughtless, inconsiderate and a remedy for disaster.

# Trying to discuss anything when the other person won't cooperate or take the time to talk is a waste of time. If necessary make a date to talk.

# If the person keeps on delaying or avoiding conversation or discussion on issues that are important or significant to you, you may need to put it in writing and place it in their hands.

# Talking is good for closure of some issues. And, unless allowed, will create a wound that won't close.

# You can never truly waste your thoughts and words on the separated or departed. Life and thought continues.

# Romance doesn't just exist, you must make it happen. You must make a sincere effort to keep it alive to help your relationship flourish.

# Little things count, it doesn't have to be a dozen roses and champagne all the time.

# A favorite piece of candy in a pocket or a little note can mean a lot.

# Commit yourself to do something romantic every day.

# Show it. Demonstrate it. It's the accumulative total of all the little things that in end adds up to a super special love and romance.

Friday, November 10, 2006

Things to do to in order to remove stress and irritation

Things to do to in order to remove stress and irritation

Stress and irritation can be caused by a wide range of things and can be different for different people. When you notice something that distracts or annoys you try to sort it out straightaway or at least plan a time to get it fixed - otherwise it will continue to aggravate you.

A lot of stress and irritation is occurs at a subliminal level - you may not notice things consciously or may have put annoyances out of your mind. But that doesn't mean they are not affecting you. Your internal systems are always alert to possible dangers and changes around you.

Many of the basic placement rules of feng shui stem from just this understanding. Removing the irritation of bad design makes you more relaxed and open to creativity.

Things to do

*Make sure you can see doors and windows from where you sit

*In a busy office avoid being near entrances unless it's your job to greet people - otherwise you will be distracted whenever someone comes in

*Use your instincts rather than fashion to guide your choice of decor. Aim for colours that are sympathetic to the purpose of the room

*If you share your space with others, have agreements about where things go and what you won't tolerate

*Eliminate reflections and glare from TV and computer screens

*Replace poorly designed tools, furniture and equipment - if they don't do the job efficiently and are not a pleasure to use they will cause irritatio

*Make sure you have enough insurance cover

*Invest in ergonomically designed seating and ensure your desk and workstation are correctly adjusted

*If something intrudes on your concentration settle yourself about it consciously or your body's systems will continue to wonder about it

*Take frequent breaks and move around

*Make sure there are some pleasing natural things around you - especially if you can't see much outside

*Use an answering machine to limit calls to when you want to take them

Wednesday, November 08, 2006


One of the important aspects in our life is motivation; we tend to loose our energy for many reasons quickly. Lack of energy diminishes efficiency, affects productivity, creates frustration, develops stress, makes you short temper and ends up with depression; all these affect both personal & profess.

One of the important aspects in our life is motivation; we tend to loose our energy for many reasons quickly. Lack of energy diminishes efficiency, affects productivity, creates frustration, develops stress, makes you short temper and ends up with depression; all these affect both personal & professional life.

So, what is motivation?

Motivation is a force which drives character to overcome conflicts or is a set of forces that cause people to behave in a certain way.

Why Motivation?

I’ve specified answer for this in the start of the article, anyway we need to be motivated to consistently perform well at work, develop a better relationship with parents, siblings, friends, wife etc.

How can we be motivated?

I cannot answer to this question specifically because motivation differs from person to person. What motivates one person may only make another person angry. So, we have to understand what makes us motivated & do things that make us motivated. If you are a good reader read biographies of personalities who have made it big, watch our inspiring & motivating songs/movies. Always be optimistic, move with positive minded people.

You can make your hobbies in doing motivating things. I made a New Year resolution to collect 365 motivational quote for this year & I make it a point that I fid one new motivational quote a day. Wake up & read one motivating quote before even brushing your teeth. I wake up by read these quotes daily

a. Fortune favors the bold
b. Failure is not the end of road, but victory postponed
c. Success doesn’t come to you, you go it
d. The road to success is lined with many tempting parking spaces

This psychologically helps me to stay motivated the whole day.

Another important factor for motivation is to lead a disciplined life. Life discipline matters a lot for motivation, following things will help you to raise your energy & keeps you motivated,

1. Have a good Sleep – human body needs 6 hours of rest & that too in the night.
2. Eat at regular intervals – Don’t skip breakfast, lunch & dinner. Overeating leads to obesity & stress.
3. Humor – Humor is a best medicine to reduce stress & helps you to maintain you motivation.
4. Exercise – Regular exercise makes body & mind fit.
5. Stop Over Working – Over working makes mind tires & over long run brain stops working. It even affects your health.

All these 5 points helps you to reduce stress & improve motivation. Lots of inventions have happened when people where are exercise & on sleep. So when we reduce stress, automatically our motivation level goes up.

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Women's Guide to Men

Men are what women marry.
Most have two arms, two legs, a large ego and sometimes two wives.
They can be divided into three categories :-

1 - Bachelors
2 - Husbands and
3 - Widowers

Each category can be subdivided into:-

-> Prizes
-> Surprises
-> Consolations and
-> Dead losses
the last group being the most common

If you flatter them, they get frightened, if you don't, they get bored.

If you allow them to make love to you in the beginning, they get bored with you in the end.

If you don't allow them to make love to you, they get bored in the beginning.

If you argue with them, you will lose your charm.

If you don't argue with them, they will stop trying to charm you.

If you are outgoing and popular with other men, they think you are a tart.

If you are not an extrovert they ignore you.

Finally, to kiss a man, you must be prepared to kiss a rum scented brillo pad used to clean ashtrays.

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