Thursday, November 02, 2006

Women's Guide to Men

Men are what women marry.
Most have two arms, two legs, a large ego and sometimes two wives.
They can be divided into three categories :-

1 - Bachelors
2 - Husbands and
3 - Widowers

Each category can be subdivided into:-

-> Prizes
-> Surprises
-> Consolations and
-> Dead losses
the last group being the most common

If you flatter them, they get frightened, if you don't, they get bored.

If you allow them to make love to you in the beginning, they get bored with you in the end.

If you don't allow them to make love to you, they get bored in the beginning.

If you argue with them, you will lose your charm.

If you don't argue with them, they will stop trying to charm you.

If you are outgoing and popular with other men, they think you are a tart.

If you are not an extrovert they ignore you.

Finally, to kiss a man, you must be prepared to kiss a rum scented brillo pad used to clean ashtrays.


Anonymous said...

Nice definitions
Good post keep it up.

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