Tuesday, June 03, 2008

If we produce enough food to feed everyone in the world, why don't we?

We already have way more than enough food to feed the entire world. As it is huge amounts of food go to waste every year. The problem is not that there is not enough, but that the people in countries cannot afford it, and if their harvest fails they can't afford to have it imported either.

Ah, so why don't we give them this food that's going to waste for free, we have no other use for it? Well, that would bankrupt the economies of the countries receiving the food. In those places many peoples livelihoods rely on the food industry; farming is the one of the most common occupations, and then people get employed to package, sell, collect or prepare the food the farmers grow.
Now imagine what would happen if suddenly there was loads of free food around. Why would people still BUY the produce grown in the country? They wouldn't. As no one was buying he food the farmers would go bankrupt as they would make no money. As the food industry would make no money, and thus collapse, the other people payed to package, sell, collect, prepare, etc the food grown wouldn't make any money either, as they would be out of a job or their employers couldn't afford to pay them. Many, many people who previously had a job and enough money to survive would be much, much poorer. This would be especially bad considering in most third world countries the food industry is the main employer.

Thus giving third world countries free food would make the people even poorer.

Also it'd screw up the rest of the country too as the food industries are very important to the economy.

Since we Canada and the United States give so much food and money to poor countries you would think that there would be no starving children... Right? wrong. the country whom we give food and money to take it from the mouths of starving children women and men and sell it for arms.... wonder why I personally don't give to those charities anymore.... If every nation focused on feeding their own starving instead or arms or nuclear what ever it is they do would stop for one minute and look at the big picture we might get somewhere...

We all know that, but some people are so selfish and ignorant that think that the poor people should look for a job, instead of asking for money or free food on the streets. Not everybody has the privilege of having a home and some extra money for their every day needs yet some people complain of having to wake up early or getting their a*s*s*e*s out of bed to go to work. I work in the food industry for a world famous restaurant and I see how much food we waste and throw away, giving that in other countries there are children dying of hunger. So come on people lets be a little more open minded and stop throwing your food away just for the heck of it.

To add to that, of course the dispersment of food is the real problem, getting it to the people mist in need. As to why this is, remember in this country and most other countries, food is buisness. Supply and demand is true here as in anything else. Example: The United States Produces enough milk for the entire world, times 2. Why then is all this abundance not hitting the parts of the world its needed most. Profit is the reason, more money can be made when the public believes there's a finite supply, means they can charge more for an abundently available product. Capiitalism, at its finest.


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