Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Lessons I learned from My Manager

Last night was a very interesting night for me. One of my friends came to my home to visit my family.After having a cup of tea we started some discussions. I have a daughter of 17 months and my friend has a boy of 2 and half year.
The discussion started about how do we provide a better environment for our kids to learn.
What is the best learning environment for our children became the hot topic to discuss.
My wife said that if the kids are given a pleasureful and comfortable environment it easy for them to grasp new things and learn it with excitement. Hearing this my friend said politely that this is not the case for each and every children. Every kid is different in nature and requires different kind of actions to make them learn better.
My Wife asked can you give me some example ?
My friend replied that Yes off course I will.
i am the person who has realized the same on my own.But my bad luck that I identified the real environment when the opportunity to learn was lost.I don't blame myself for the same as it has already said by some wise person that
"Opportunities are best Identified when they are Gone."

Till now we got exited hear my friends story, So I asked with curiosity please carry On..
My Friend Started his story..
After working 4 years in company with my same manager I learnt that 
How to utilize your team for your own growth?
How to make them motivated without an increment?
How to show your importance?
How much information to be shared with your team?
How to react when you are asked a serious questions by your team members?
and many more..
Just listen about the qualities of my manager then only you would be able to make out the learnings from this story....
It was my second last round of interview with my manager for a post of software engineer in my current company.
I was called for the interview.I was dressed well and was much more confident to get the job as I had done very well in My Technical interview.
I had words with my friends and they have told me that if you have cleared the technical round the manager round is just to get a basic idea about you. So I was very happy when i was entering in the room with a great smile thinking that I would impress the manager also.
I was accompanied by a person to the interview room who in fact was my manger. He asked me to sit down on  a chair.Then he asked about me, I explained to my best.
Now he started asking some questions about the company I was about to join.
Manager : Do you know what is the CMM certification the company has?
Me: CMM Level 5?

Manager : What is CMM level?
Me : Its a kind of certification that IT companies get when they follow certain set of rules defined by CMM .

Manager : Is it the CMM ? are you sure ?
Me : Yes Sir . This is just what I know about CMM, I dont know anything else about it.

Manager : Ok Can you tell me how this company was established?
Me: No Idea Sir.


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